How to Create a Blog

Today I would like to share my discovery of an interesting blog. It goes by the name of Simple Programmer and its founder is John Sonmez. This blog is little different from you regular tech blog and that adds to the ingenuity. It offers fresh perspective on how programmers should live fuller lives and improve their careers. The content at Simple Programmer is holistic in nature. It offers diverse range of topics like developing your people skills, getting in shape and tackling the mental aspects of being a software developer.

John also offers a free seven part course titled “How to Create a Blog“. I subscribed to this course and received valuable insights on how to start a career boosting blog. The key points of this course are:

  • How to start blog with a good domain name and hosting server.
  • How to select your niche
  • Keep a backlog of topics
  • Be consistent with your blogging activities.

Before I went through this course, I had a blog on WordPress which is essentially a free service. I realized that it is important to have my own domain name. I used Bluehost to register my domain name and also host my blog. Following John’s advice I now have a backlog of ideas and I have promised myself to be consistent.

Go check out this awesome course.